Welcome To The Brand Noux Life

My name is Cristi and really Im just trying to get my shit together….

Besides that, here’s a quick rundown on who I am:

Im a 20 something but I still feel 16

I live in Atlanta. Im not from here but it feels just as good as home. Plus no one in Atlanta is from here so.

I am the epitome of an introvert and networking for me is either 0 or 100. No in-between. 

I’m not married and completely ok with it and also on the fence about children. My mother however is not ok with it.

Im spiritual (I luh God) but not religious which is foreign when you’re raised  southern baptist

I love my family… A lot I love my Framily just as much. (Probably a little more lol )

Im still trying  to figure out this life shit

I started The Brand Noux Life to encourage millennial women, who like me are a little lost, to be fearless in defining their journey.

And thats exactly what Im doing here! Shameless plug on my Youtube (please check it out!)

Living The Brand Noux Life is ALL about serving style, loving limitless, staying mindful and whatever else you do uninhibited, redefined, and without limits!

So if you’re lost, confused, bored, crazy, lacking motivation, or even ambitiously lazy (or lazily ambitious its a thing, don’t debate me) then you’re in the right place… And I appreciate you being here!

It can get lonely after all  so please stay awhile but maybe not too long because see point 3