Brand Noux Style Overhaul 

Style Services

The first step to effortless style starts in your closet! After I analyze your intake survey and determine your style profile,  we will complete an audit to get your style from Point A to Effortless! 


  1.  We go through every piece of clothing in your closet and I help you choose what to keep, alter, donate, or sell.
  2.  Once we decide what stays and what goes, I’ll advise you on new ways to wear old favorites, mixing and matching pieces of your existing wardrobe.
  3. Next, I will create a prioritized list of new items you need maximize your current wardrobe that compliment your new style profile. You can purchase them over time, or schedule a shopping option with me. All options suggested will be reflective of your lifestyle and budget.
  4. After we’re all done, Ill be happy to take your “donate” pile to a local charity on my next thrift trip and mail you the tax receipt.

 Price: $250 

  • Personal Style Profile
  • Shopping List
  • 2 hours, some larger wardrobes may take more time
  • Each additional hour, over 2 hours, is an additional fee of $75/hour 

Effortless Shopping

Style Services

Whether you need a second opinion or hate shopping completely, I have the solution for you!

SHOP OPTION 1: Shop With Me!

Ill design a shopping experience tailored to your lifestyle and budget. It’ll focus on where to splurge, save, and shop. Together you will cover all the bases with your personalized list of wardrobe essentials and we’ll end the shopping trip with great pieces that work well with your existing wardrobe.


  • $75/hour for the first 3 hours
  • $50/hour for each additional hour

Hourly rate includes a Style Profile, with suggestions of how to wear new pieces, emailed after the appointment. The average shopping trip is 2-3 hours. I can usually cover an entire  wardrobe update in 3 hours or less.

SHOP OPTION 2: Let ME Do The Shopping!

Hate the mall or the thrift store? No problem, Let me find your pieces for you! Your clothes are delivered to your doorstep, and a personal fitting takes place in the comfort of your own home. Returns and exchanges are included in the price!


  • $75/hour for the first 3 hours
  • $50/hour for each additional hour
  • $100 flat rate for 1 hour personal fitting 

A typed Style Profile included emailed after personal fitting

Virtually Effortless Style 

Style Services


Schedule a Skype/Facetime appointment with me and together you can eliminate any wardrobe issues that are hindering your effortless style. 

  • $60 for 30 minutes 
  • $100 for 60 minutes


Need a seasonal wardrobe update, clothes for an upcoming vacation or just one outfit for an even? Let me create the best look(s) for you, all via email. We will send you up to 3 outfit suggestions, complete with shopping links, so you can shop online and have the perfect clothes and accessories delivered to your doorstep.

  • $75/per hour for virtual shopping 


Effortless Packing 

Style Services

Going on a trip? Let me make  process effortless by doing the packing for you!  Your wardrobe itinerary is personalized according to your destination, weather forecast and the events you have scheduled, and is outlined for you daily, so you can look fabulous as you travel…effortlessly!

$120 for a 60 minute in-home packing session.